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Our portfolio consists of local entrepreneurs with technology products. They came to us with a revenue history and a plan with a great future for global sales.

Bozza is a mobile application for videos, music, poetry and more from the African continent. For the best lifestyle, news, music, poetry, comedy, series or educational channels, download the app at Now you and your friends, artists and entrepreneurs can all connect and share life in the Bozza mobihood for FREE!

Express yourself, be Bozza! Go to for more.

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22seven is an independent online personalfinancial service that aims to help people do more with the money they have.

It offers insight into how people make their money choices and guides them to being and feeling in control of their financial lives.

The online service uses a blend of intuitively presented data, empathy for the human condition and a sense of play to help customers become more conscious of their financial decisions.

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Personera is a technology startup that focuses on the development of Facebook applications. Personera also produces customized digital print products and virtual downloads by leveraging user content from social networks. Products can be personalized with Facebook data such as photos, a user’s friends’ birthdays and events, along with 3rd party content. These products are easily orderable with one click from any digital storefront, such as a website, a Facebook fan page, or an iPhone/Android application.

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LUMINOUS - Gaining Insight

Luminous is a world leader in the provision of risk and business management solutions to retail and commercial banks. Their unique product offering lies in the ability to create, share and deliver powerful information instantly to banks as well as the banks’ personal and SMB customers.

Luminous is implemented within a bank’s environment and delivers a set of standard and customised financial reports. The approach is founded on driving value from transactional banking data that enables the bank to proactively make informed lending and risk management decisions and provide enhanced levels of value added advice. It also offers comprehensive financial reporting services for small businesses and personal customers that allows these customers to gain insight, intelligence and business value from that data.

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All your users backing up? Thought not. Cibecs is the simplest way to backup and recover data on all desktops and notebooks in your business or corporation. It’s great for users. It’s great for IT. It’s great for your business.

“The investment in Cibecs by Hasso Plattner Ventures Africa is a vote of confidence in local companies’ ability to produce innovative products of an international standard. Our partnership with HP - Ventures Africa not only gives us access to the company’s global network, but also a wealth of international expertise. We find HP – Ventures Africa eager, willing and always ready to lend a hand whenever needed.” Richard Dewing, Chief Executive Officer, Cibecs (Pty) Ltd.

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Low cost telecommunication networks have made it possible for even marginalized communities to join the digital age. Dabba Telecoms has been actively building networks in townships, such as Orange Farm, Soweto, Alexandra and Vosloorus.

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Document management has now been made simple with KnowledgeTree. It is open source software that connects people, processes and ideas, allowing individuals to collaborate and safely store and access critical documents. It’s about boosted productivity, shared vision and improved efficiencies.

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Inala's core competency lies in electronic engineering as applied to the fixed line and GSM telecommunications and Broadcast industries.

Inala's Systems division designs, markets and installs niche systems for the fixed line and GSM telecommunications industry. Inala's proprietary product range includes systems which monitor cellular Base Transmitter Stations (SAM2 system), the complete cellular feeder and antenna system of cellular Base Transceiver Stations (B-MON system) and alarms on 2.048 Mb/s fixed line digital networks (DPAM system).

Inala Broadcast offers integrated turnkey solutions to the Broadcast and Professional HD/DV industries across Africa with offerings ranging from design to physical integration of studio and outside broadcast facilities to media management and digital effects solutions.

Together with Inala Telecommunications Distribution and Inala Services, all four business areas deliver proprietary as well as best of breed products and solutions to clients such as Telkom SA, Neotel, Vodacom, MTN, Zain, CNBC, SABC and eTV. 

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KnowledgeTree makes document management simple. With KnowledgeTree professionals like you regain control over document chaos. You can create, co-author, and coordinate business documents from anywhere.

With KnowledgeTree global teams can collaborate to build and edit documents within Microsoft Office or online tools. Managing the document lifecycle is easy with customizable workflows and document alert functions. You can securely store, organize, locate, and share documents with large global teams.

And with global access, you can access and stay in control of your latest documents from anywhere without complex VPN networks or expensive hardware.

That’s why Orbitz, Miramax, Alcatel / Genesys, Fuji Chemical, and many others like you have joined KnowledgeTree and doubled our client base in just 9 months.

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